Solar panels

Some Nice to Know Information about Solar Panels and Solar Power Generation

Owning a solar power system is a matter of pride as you have taken a significant initiative to reduce your carbon footprint with it, and contributed significantly towards the green globe movement. However, installing solar panels at home and maintaining it require a bit of knowledge, and here we will discuss a few such essentials that are not usually discussed in the forums.

Solar Panel

Theft and vandalism of solar panels

Solar panels are expensive entities, so naturally become target of theft. It is also beneficial for the thieves that solar panels are mounted at easy to access locations as roof or yard, which makes their task much easier. There is no sure-shot cure for this problem, but you can use some theft-proof hardware as bolts requiring special wrenches, which may help. Also try to make it less visible from the main road or highways when you are installing solar panels.

Impact of shading

All types of solar panels will lose significant output when exposed to shading, even if partial shading. There are some panels as Unisolar panels, which only lose less output in partial shading, but still compromise on the output. In normal crystalline panels, even when a single cell is under shade, it literally turns off the system by causing a high resistance. So, you need to be very careful about the impact of shading while installing solar panels.


If you have solar panels installed at home, you need to ensure that the panels are properly maintained. Solar panels need only low maintenance after installation, but still you need to have a close eye on it. Unlike the generators, there are no moving parts in solar panels, so you don’t have to replace any worn out parts overtime.

However, the panels needed to be examined once in a while to make sure that they are secure and clean to offer optimal output. If you live in a snowy area, it is essential to clear the snow deposit on the solar panels and clean the glass shield for proper energy absorption.

Doing essential research

The buyers need to do some essential research about the features of various solar panels, adequate size of solar modules required and the cost of solar panels before purchasing one. There are plenty of online resources available for you to learn about these, and it is also ideal to visit some other sites where solar panels are installed. Moreover, it is highly appreciable if you can collect genuine feedback from the real users about their solar experience, feedback about different service providers, and other essentials to note.

Discussing your needs with experts will also help you to device a better plan for solar implementation. Once after gathering enough information, feedback, and expert opinions, you can do a side-by-side comparison of all available options to come into a conclusion about which one suits best to your needs and budget. While considering price, also consider the cost of installation.

Tail end: Solar panels are surely a big step towards becoming energy efficient and environment-friendly. Also, after the initial investment, you are saving big overtime. However, one need to ensure that you choose the best solar panel, do professional installation, and also take adequate maintenance measures to enjoy the benefits of ‘going solar’ in full.