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5 Tips to Keep Your Solar Panels Long-lasting and High Performing

Solar Panels are your perfect partners, working hard to fulfil your energy needs, but so silent that you hardly notice their presence. There is a small problem! They are so quiet that you tend to overlook the need to care for them.

“But I was told there is no need for any maintenance of these panels when I bought it”

True! But, if you can just clean the glass shield of the panel once in a while to offer unobstructed sunrays onto the cells, the system can surely produce more electricity for you. How frequent you need to clean your panels depends on where you live. Say for example, if there is a lot of construction happening around or you are at a windy area with a lot of dust in the air, you may probably need to clean the panels often.

At some places you may need frequent washing of the solar modules. Keep a close eye on the solar panels and if they look like dusty or obstructed, clean thoroughly for best results.

Tips on cleaning solar panels

If you experience a problem as your meter spins backward even during top sunny days, then it may probably indicate that your cells are not doing the work properly, where the culprit may be dirty glass shields filtering sunlight. For this, you need to clean the surface of the glass immediately to allow easy passage of sunlight onto the cells.

Don’t use any cleaning sponge or abrasive soap. You need to take extra care not to scratch the glass panel while cleaning. A soft cloth and washing with some biodegradable mild soap can do the trick. Also ensure that you clean any bird poop and dirt thoroughly by running a hose over it quickly. Take extra care of your safety too while getting onto the roof to clean your solar panels.

Keeping out of shades

When you are installing solar panels, ensure that there are no shades coming over the solar panels at any point of the day. You also need to frequently check whether any growing trees at your premises shading your panels. In that case, you can trim the branches to avoid shading, but please don’t cut trees. Any kind of shades can work exponentially on solar panels to reduce its output. Even if just one-fourth of your solar panel is shaded, you may lose more than half of the energy output from its actual.

Monitoring your solar system

Well, you don’t have to do anything in particular for this, but just keep a close eye on it. Check the inverter display frequently as to whether the green light is on, flashing, or it turned to red. Consult your manual if you find any abnormal signals and know some basics about checking the wiring, cleanliness of the panels, and basic troubleshooting steps. All the solar panels come now with at least 25 years warranty and you can simply call the service experts to try and sort it out if you find any troubles with the solar system