Solar panels

Tips and Mix of Essentials about Solar Panels and Free Harvest of Sun’s Energy

No doubt that solar power is becoming more popular day by day as the energy prices keep on increasing. It is also an alarming fact that the conventional energy resources are getting dried as time pass by and at this rate, this generation itself will be consuming the entire resources. The future generations may be in left in darkness.

Here comes the importance of renewable energy resources like solar energy. Many people largely switch on to solar in order to meet their domestic power needs. After an initial investment on panels and set up, a solar system can offer free energy for a longer period and also cut down your electricity bills to minimum.

“Tip #1: Starting small may be the success mantra when you think of solar energy. Say for example, you can start with using solar lights outside home to conserve energy.”

Panel installation

The solar panels modules, which can be repositioned at different seasons will offer more efficiency than the fixed solar modules. Altering the angles based on the track of the sun can maximise energy absorption by the panels for best output.

“Tip #2: Solely depending on solar doesn’t seem to be an advisable option. Always have a backup power as a generator, but remaining on the grid for backup is still the best.”

Tip #3: Efficiency of solar panels is proportionate to their density. Price will be higher for high-density panels, but they can ensure far better output.

It is a reassuring fact for solar aspirants that one can still benefit from solar power even if you live in an overcast or chilly area. The modern PV cells don’t require direct sunlight, but can work even on cloudy days. The output may be a little lesser on non-sunny days, but still a lot of people have reported that they enjoy great energy benefits on those days too.

“Tip#4: You need to take a very wise decision while switching to solar. Think whether or not solar power makes sense to your home needs.”

It’s a long-term investment

You need to take it as a long-term investment if you are planning to go solar. The amount you invest on purchasing sophisticated solar panels in Naracoorte may not be returned in a week or month. It could take years before the equipment is fully paid off.

However, it is not all about money, but becoming energy-independent is the need of the age, and sun seems to be the only reliable resource which may offer us free energy for years to come.

“Tip#5: If you have the scope to be less concerned about the budget, then the optimal solar system to be considered now is one with sun-tracking mechanism. It can adjust the panel position based on sun’s movement and harvest maximum energy.”

Subsidies and grants

It is another reassuring fact for solar aspirants that there are many grants and rebates on renewable energy initiatives offered by governments, which further reduce the price of the panel and installation.

You need to enquire about it and also should purchase the equipment through government-authorised dealers to enjoy the best cost benefits. Sometimes, you can save up to 50-60 percent on price through such rebates and special offers put forth by different dealers.

Electricity Generation

The Art of Generating Green and Cheap Electricity Using Solar Panels

Solar panel electricity system, which is also known technically as photovoltaic (PV) panels, function by capturing the sun’s energy and converting it to electricity. The advantage of PV cells is that these don’t required direct sunlight, but can also work to an extent during cloudy days too. Installing PV panels at home can help you get the needed power to light up your home and run the appliances. Many people in Australia depend largely on solar power lately.

Benefits of solar power

  • Cut your electricity bills – Sun can give you free energy for long once if you make an initial investment for installation of solar panels.
  • Get paid for the extra electricity you make – The government has now announced an Feed-in Tariff Plan with which you can get paid for the electricity you produce in surplus to upload onto the grid.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint – Solar power is a green energy resource and doesn’t produce any harmful gases or pollutants. A home PV panel may save over 30 tonnes of carbon dioxide production over its lifetime.

How do PV solar cells work?

These types of solar cells are made of various layers of semiconductor materials. Usually high quality silicon is used as the semiconductor. PV cells can create electricity field when light falls directly on them. The stronger sun’s light is, the more electricity will be produced. In typical quality Port Lincoln solar panels  for home mounting, PV cells will be stacked in modules of various sizes based on the output requirements. Power of photovoltaic cells are measured as ‘KWp’ (kilowatts peak), which is the measure showing its production capacity during full sunlight days in summer.

Solar panel installation cost

Various factors affecting solar panel cost are;

  • The more electricity PV panels can generate, more the price would be. However, it also implies it can save more for you overtime.
  • Larger systems (more than 4kWp) are deemed to be more cost-effective than the smaller systems.
  • The PV panels are almost of the same price per kWp, but the PV tiles may cost more than panel systems.
  • The built-in panels on roof are expensive than the sit-on-top roof mounting panels.
  • There are many government subsidies also on solar panels. However, to avail this, you need to ensure that you purchase the panels from an authorised dealer and take care of all quality standards to claim the subsidy.

Maintenance of solar panels

The PV panels demand only less maintenance. You have to just take care of cleaning the panels once in a while and also ensure trees or other structures don’t shadow them. Debris accumulation is easier with ground mounted solar panels, so you need to do cleaning regularly.

The installer may give you written instructions about the maintenance and timely check‑ups to be done in order to ensure the good health of your solar panels. It is not just the panels, but the solar system consists of inverter, battery, custom wiring etc., which all needed to be maintained properly for maximum output. A good solar panel may last for more than 25 years, but the inverter may require replacement after a particular time period.

Solar Power

Some Nice to Know Information about Solar Panels and Solar Power Generation

Owning a solar power system is a matter of pride as you have taken a significant initiative to reduce your carbon footprint with it, and contributed significantly towards the green globe movement. However, installing solar panels at home and maintaining it require a bit of knowledge, and here we will discuss a few such essentials that are not usually discussed in the forums.

Solar Panel

Theft and vandalism of solar panels

Solar panels are expensive entities, so naturally become target of theft. It is also beneficial for the thieves that solar panels are mounted at easy to access locations as roof or yard, which makes their task much easier. There is no sure-shot cure for this problem, but you can use some theft-proof hardware as bolts requiring special wrenches, which may help. Also try to make it less visible from the main road or highways when you are installing solar panels.

Impact of shading

All types of solar panels will lose significant output when exposed to shading, even if partial shading. There are some panels as Unisolar panels, which only lose less output in partial shading, but still compromise on the output. In normal crystalline panels, even when a single cell is under shade, it literally turns off the system by causing a high resistance. So, you need to be very careful about the impact of shading while installing solar panels.


If you have solar panels installed at home, you need to ensure that the panels are properly maintained. Solar panels need only low maintenance after installation, but still you need to have a close eye on it. Unlike the generators, there are no moving parts in solar panels, so you don’t have to replace any worn out parts overtime.

However, the panels needed to be examined once in a while to make sure that they are secure and clean to offer optimal output. If you live in a snowy area, it is essential to clear the snow deposit on the solar panels and clean the glass shield for proper energy absorption.

Doing essential research

The buyers need to do some essential research about the features of various solar panels, adequate size of solar modules required and the cost of solar panels before purchasing one. There are plenty of online resources available for you to learn about these, and it is also ideal to visit some other sites where solar panels are installed. Moreover, it is highly appreciable if you can collect genuine feedback from the real users about their solar experience, feedback about different service providers, and other essentials to note.

Discussing your needs with experts will also help you to device a better plan for solar implementation. Once after gathering enough information, feedback, and expert opinions, you can do a side-by-side comparison of all available options to come into a conclusion about which one suits best to your needs and budget. While considering price, also consider the cost of installation.

Tail end: Solar panels are surely a big step towards becoming energy efficient and environment-friendly. Also, after the initial investment, you are saving big overtime. However, one need to ensure that you choose the best solar panel, do professional installation, and also take adequate maintenance measures to enjoy the benefits of ‘going solar’ in full.

Solar Panels Performance

5 Tips to Keep Your Solar Panels Long-lasting and High Performing

Solar Panels are your perfect partners, working hard to fulfil your energy needs, but so silent that you hardly notice their presence. There is a small problem! They are so quiet that you tend to overlook the need to care for them.

“But I was told there is no need for any maintenance of these panels when I bought it”

True! But, if you can just clean the glass shield of the panel once in a while to offer unobstructed sunrays onto the cells, the system can surely produce more electricity for you. How frequent you need to clean your panels depends on where you live. Say for example, if there is a lot of construction happening around or you are at a windy area with a lot of dust in the air, you may probably need to clean the panels often.

At some places you may need frequent washing of the solar modules. Keep a close eye on the solar panels and if they look like dusty or obstructed, clean thoroughly for best results.

Tips on cleaning solar panels

If you experience a problem as your meter spins backward even during top sunny days, then it may probably indicate that your cells are not doing the work properly, where the culprit may be dirty glass shields filtering sunlight. For this, you need to clean the surface of the glass immediately to allow easy passage of sunlight onto the cells.

Don’t use any cleaning sponge or abrasive soap. You need to take extra care not to scratch the glass panel while cleaning. A soft cloth and washing with some biodegradable mild soap can do the trick. Also ensure that you clean any bird poop and dirt thoroughly by running a hose over it quickly. Take extra care of your safety too while getting onto the roof to clean your solar panels.

Keeping out of shades

When you are installing solar panels, ensure that there are no shades coming over the solar panels at any point of the day. You also need to frequently check whether any growing trees at your premises shading your panels. In that case, you can trim the branches to avoid shading, but please don’t cut trees. Any kind of shades can work exponentially on solar panels to reduce its output. Even if just one-fourth of your solar panel is shaded, you may lose more than half of the energy output from its actual.

Monitoring your solar system

Well, you don’t have to do anything in particular for this, but just keep a close eye on it. Check the inverter display frequently as to whether the green light is on, flashing, or it turned to red. Consult your manual if you find any abnormal signals and know some basics about checking the wiring, cleanliness of the panels, and basic troubleshooting steps. All the solar panels come now with at least 25 years warranty and you can simply call the service experts to try and sort it out if you find any troubles with the solar system

Solar Panels Performance

4 Basic Tips to Maximise Your Solar Panel Performance

As the non-renewable energy resources are getting dried out, solar energy is our next big hope. Many households and commercial establishments use solar power now to meet their daily functional needs. Going a step ahead, many have started to produce surplus electricity too by harvesting solar energy and supply it back to the grid. Government is highly encouraging the use of solar energy by offering many subsidies and special benefits to solar power users.

A good solar system is capable of producing clean and cost effective electricity for long. If you have taken a decision to integrate solar power to your home, you have also taken a great step towards reducing your carbon footprint. Solar systems do not exude any carbon emissions or other harmful pollutants to the environment and is an ideal ‘green globe’ solution.

However, still renewable energy resources like solar and wind power only account for 2% of the total energy production. The reason was the larger initial investment for solar panel installation and allied resources, but things are changing lately with innovation of newest technologies in solar panels and systems. On the other hand, the initial investment on solar is fully justifiable while considering the benefits solar power offer you on a long‑term basis.

There are a few things you need to consider in order to maximise the performance of your solar system, which we will discuss further.

  1. Professional installation

You may think that installing solar panels by yourself can save you big. However, good solar panels are expensive and wrong installation of these may end up in lack of proper energy absorption. There is no point in investing big on highly productive panels and later not getting any advantage of it just as the installation done wrongly. Professional installers will help you mount the solar panels at a proper place with adequate tilt, thereby ensuring peak power output all the times.

  1. Placement

No doubt that solar panels need to be placed at places where it can receive optimal sunlight. The panels need to be tipped at an angle towards sun. Some homeowners are more concerned about the aesthetics when it comes to solar panel installation. However, it is always best to go with the placement suggestions of the expert installers than looking at its beauty.

  1. Power consumption

The homeowners should first calculate the wattage needs of their home before deciding the size and volume of solar panels needed. When calculating the wattage, users need to consider the consumption at the peak months when there is highest demand for electricity. Preparing the wattage during the peak usage months will ensure that having a solar system to meet that purpose will adequately serve a household’s power consumption needs throughout the year.

  1. Energy efficiency

You need to maintain an energy-efficient home. Check the bulbs, refrigerator, air conditioning system etc. in terms of their energy efficiency. Always check the energy star rating of appliances during the time of purchase to ensure that your bring home only energy-efficient appliances. As in case of solar panel installation, the energy efficient equipment also may be more expensive than others, but this initial investment can ensure you the best ROI overtime.